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Road Rage at First Markham Place [Civic Driver]

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Default Road Rage at First Markham Place [Civic Driver]

I might have jumped the gun and not given the right of way by accident at a 4 way stop, but it's ambiguous anyways, but hell, I was on private property (FMP) and the guy hesitated. It is an Asian mall after all.

I sound tired as hell because I worked all day after an all nighter...

The driver is an Asian Male, age 22-27, average build, around 5'6 to 5'8. Accompanied with an Asian Female, age 22-27, average build.

Driver doesn't like what I did, steps out of his own car (Who does this anyways for something so minor?) approaches my vehicle and tells me to get out of the vehicle in order to fight. LOL.

Driver prob pissed cause when he came beside me I just rolled down my window and grilled him, then told him to get back in the car... Kid is a joke nonetheless.

Driver also smashes/punches my windshield WTF? (Pretty sure he wouldn't be able to afford my car repairs after spendng all his money on the Civic lease)

Driver once again asks to start a scrap. WTF is wrong with this guy, he is half my size and has his gf/mom beside him.

Driver Details:

Car: 2012 Civic Si
Plate: BMXB 385
Colour: Dyno Blue Pearl (Blue)
Driver: Asian Male, age 22-27, average build, around 5'6 to 5'8
Passenger: Asian Female, age 22-27, average build
Location: Eastbound on Highway 7/FMP and Rodick Road
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He seems to have a case of the little man Syndrome.
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You're going to see less of this happening once everyone starts driving with a dash cam and realizes they're going to look dumb in front of potentially the whole world.

People just need to calm down and not try and impress their girlfriends so much.
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Did you call the cops? I didn't see him hit the window but heard it. Did it break?
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Do us all a favor and send the clip to the York Regional Police.
This guy should not be drivnig and by reporting him you can hopefully stop something tragic from happening. The last thing we want to see is someone,(could be your family member or friends who happen to run into his idiot) getting injured or even killed over something trivial. The cops will visit him and give him a little lecture once they see the video.
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IMO, you don't sound very innocent yourself...Whether he is half your size or double your size, instigating a road rage situation can potentially be fatal.
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1. That is jokes

2. You don't even need to address it's a SI, it's a CIVIC nonetheless ;P

3. What dash cam is that? Where n how much?

Anyways, good job on not raging back at him. This just makes him seem more stupid.
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