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Sleekbrian's High School/College Build on a Budget

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Default Sleekbrian's High School/College Build on a Budget

I've been a member on this forum for a few years now but never felt like my car was ready for a thread. Now that my modding is finally coming to an end, I thought I would share my progress and story. Being a student I took shortcuts whenever I could. Examples such as: M2 Exhaust, ISF replica grille, Megan EZ coilovers, AVS visors, Carbon fiber interior overlay etc... My goal was to incorporate cheaper parts but not make the car look cheap in the process.

I got this car the day before my 17th birthday as a birthday gift from my parents. What a great gift i know A 2006 IS250 AWD with 30k miles black/black. I had no idea about or interest in modding cars and just wanted tints. I searched on google to see some pics of ISx50 with tints and found my way to Club Lexus. I spend hours looking at all the modified cars. Then it all began...

My wants progressed to just wanting black wheels, tints, and a front lip (typical noob highschooler.) I can't believe I use to like how it looked The car stayed like this throughout my Junior Year of High School.

As time went on I learned a thing or two and my taste became a bit more refined. I bought coilovers, wheels, and a bunch of other small parts. This is how my car looked as I graduated high school and entered college.

While in college I kept craving change and went through 2 sets of wheels. One of which never were installed on my car due to pickiness. A few other small things were changed such as ISF style grille, LED turn signals, carbon fiber interior overlay and such. Here is a pic of my car a few weeks ago.

I didn't like riding on 19's with NY/NJ roads because I was always so paranoid. So I recently sold the set and bought a set of 18s again. This will be my cheapest set of wheels I ever bought and most likely my last mod as I feel like I've had my fun and want to save up money for my next car.

My parents have hated the idea of modding since the beginning and think I'm ruining the car. I've funded all my mods, and looking back I wish i haven't spent money at times I did lol. I worked a lot back in high school and almost all of my money went towards car parts/labor But in the end I had a ton of fun modding my car and watching it grow. It really became a hobby for me. Currently the car is at 70k miles and I'm in my third out of six years of pharmacy school. I'll be driving it until I graduate in 2016 but don't plan to change much. I'm still gonna be active and I'll be sure to update the thread with my new wheels once they arrive. Just wanted to say thanks for all the information and help over the past few years
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Wow you one lucky SOB what a generous gift from your parents. Car looks great!
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Not bad for a high schooler lol a lot of wish we got that gift.....
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Damn ballin on a budget lol. My parents got me my IS during my first year of college so I can relate to you.

My car looked similar to yours at the beginning in regards to cheaper parts and liking way it the way it was. Now looking back I ask myself "How in the world did I think that looked good?" lol

Although I spent quite a bit of money on things that were not worthwhile, it helped me learn the concept of doing it once and doing it right, even though I learned the hard way
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Coming from another college kid. I feel your money pain. I want to do so much but its just not there. Living in PA roads SUCK! I bought my car so my parents cant really say anything about me modding it out, but they certainly dont support it. My pops is a mechanic so he appreciates cars just like I do, but he dosent understand the "new generation" mods, LED conversions, springs/ coils, wheels, front lip, etc. He's used to a simple engine swap maybe a new carburetor or some stiffer leaf-springs, old stuff. Keep on modding and have fun with it, its an expression and extension of your self, I'm sure you already know that. You IS has come a LONG way and it looks awesome, not over done at all.
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I applaud you for making the best out of what you had.

To be honest the car didnt look horrible with black wheels/front lip, but your most recent set up is definitely the best. Visiting Alpine New Jersey/NY in May NOW I understand why people from the tri-state area are always complaining about the roads. WTFFFFF.... those were the worst roads Ive ever seen. I would never touch my suspension if I lived up there so your brave. I thank for Florida roads every day now

You also helped me out a lot when I was deciding on my Carbon Fiber interior and I thank you for that again. Cant wait to see your new wheels man!
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nice progression thread
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nice progress.... im a student too as well and its sure damn hard as hell to come up with cash for mods..... especially for authentic parts.
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Man oh man, if only I could of have such a nice car in HS. LOL!

There's nothing wrong with modding on a budget. Where I do say to spend the extra cheese though is on the wheels.

GL with your project!
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I enjoyed reading this great story, thanks for sharing... And good luck with Pharmacy school...
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Car looks good.
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good stuff, i too am a student and on a budget
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damn nice! my parents bought me a $2500 integra. );
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i bought my lexus with cash and im 23. its $2,500 for a 95 teggy. im always certain that youre parents contributed to youre car.
and the frown is my parents didnt make that much money to throw away into a lexus as my first car. (;

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Nice thread. Car looks nice. Not bad for such a young kid. Keep in a hook and you'll laugh at this car later!!!
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