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GiantsFan's MRM Build Thread

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Default GiantsFan's MRM Build Thread


Current state:

The beginning:

So I've never really had a build thread... so I thought I'd make one that I can keep updating (Instead of making new threads)

I won't go into detail about the older stuff (Im sure you guys know lol), so ill just leave it to the pics and mod lists for "verson 0.5" and "Version 1".

Ok, here we go!


This is how it looked stock:

I got the car back in the summer of 2008. Its a MY2007 and it had approx. 20k on the ODO. The car already had the chrome OEM wheels on it.

So this is where I ran into CL!. I was previously on, and up until this point I didn't know CL existed!! I was googling "How to change fog lights", and one of the results was a DIY right here on CL. Life changing moment

Version 0.5

Debadged, F-Sport Intake, Lexus HKS exhaust, F-Sport shift ****, Neffy Wrap black CF wrapped interior, and Luminics JDM yellow fogs

After this stage, the "real modding" really began haha. I added a bunch of stuff, but only after I finally lowered my car, I felt like I could call this "Version 1" of my build

Version 1:
F-Sport intake -- Megan Mid-Pipe -- Lexus HKS exhaust -- H&R Springs -- FiveAxis S5:F/PS2s/PIAA lug nuts -- GFX Front Lip -- Luminics JDM yellow Fogs -- Plasti-Dipped Grille Surround and Emblems -- AVS Visors -- Roof Spoiler -- Window Tints -- NorCal/CL Plate frame -- Red Outs -- IS-F CF Interior -- IS-F Steering Damper -- F-Sport Shift **** -- LED Dome lights -- OEM iPod Kit ...

(Hope I didn't forget anything haha)

Wheel/Tire specs in my "Raj is FINALLY low" thread (1st post):

So, with "version 1" done ... I started looking at other things I wanted to do. ALL of the mods I did recently I had considered before, but had always put off for one reason or another. I finally caved in and said "F it"... and bought all the things that bring my car to its current stage... lets call it V1.5 lol...


Mods added:

F-Sport Grille
Painted Engine Covers
ISF tails
HID fogs
Fog light mod
LED blinker bulbs

-The F-Sport Grille I bought off ebay, it was $85 shipped. OEM fitment.
-Myself and Terence painted our engine covers DIY style Rattle cans ftw
-The LEDs I got are the VLEDs "platinum amber" 7w 20 LED bulbs, I still haven't received them because they are on backorder... (
-My Fogs lights are the DDM tuning "raptor" kit (FAT ballast) with 3000k bulbs. For the fog light mod I followed pocky's DIY ( and wired it up (16 gauge wire) to a lighted rocker switch I bought from radio shack. Remember - ALWAYS disconnect the battery when dealing with electrical. After connecting the battery and testing to make sure everything worked, I forgot to disconnect the battery again and blew a bunch of fuses. Don't make my mistake. Also, I want to say thanks to Terence for helping me install my fogs.

Onto the pics! I'm very happy with the HID fogs - they are very bright and golden yellow.

Fogs only:

Fogs + Lows

Lexus had just replaced my passenger side headlight (Bad ballast) so thats why you can see its aimed lower. (You can tell if you look closely at the garage door). The headlights have since been re-aimed.


Mounting the ballasts behind the bumper beam and running the relay harness

F-Sport grille (from ebay! - perfect fit!)

ISF tails

Painted engine cover:

Future Mods

Some ideas I was throwing around (Just ideas... not sure which ones I'll actually do):
Getting my wheels re-painted (nebula grey?)
Blackout my headlights/2012 LED headlights
Projector retrofit for my fogs
350 Brakes/BBK
Sway bars
LED reverse lights
Body kit
Fly Audio Nav?
Changing all my interior LEDs to red

Hopefully by the end of 2012 I can reach V2... but, don't count on it

Photoshoot coming soon! Also, when my Blinker LEDs finally come in ill make a video with a review on those as well as demo of my exhaust setup - F-Sport/Megan/Lexus HKS.

Thanks for reading, All comments (good/bad), questions, or suggestions welcome

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Car is coming along very nicely Raj!
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Looking good
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You spelled my name wrong. Someone needs a spell check.

JK. You've made a lot of progress in the last year lol.

but really! my name
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Just one word, SEXY!
Love the red and black combo (:
Keep up the good work Raj!
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Looks great so far !! Keep up the good work!
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Nice ride bro. Just out of curiosity, how much approx. have you spent?
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I like how your car from extra badge to debadge, lol.

Nice car, looks clean.

What's the reason in wanting to paint the wheels? matte finish is hard to clean?
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Very nice! Love the look.
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Looks good bro. Those Five axis wheels I actually like.
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Looking good man

what'd you use to paint the engine cover?
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Coming along nicely Raj. I was happy when you Finally lowered it!
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Of your future mods, i think you should make the painting the headlight housings a priority Raj

You've inspired me... I will make a build thread once the coils and new wheels go on late next week.
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Hey Raj..... Mor Lower!
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Originally Posted by Rash View Post
I like how your car from extra badge to debadge, lol.

Nice car, looks clean.

What's the reason in wanting to paint the wheels? matte finish is hard to clean?
we all learn over time. from adding too parts to fuel our mod craze to subtracting them for that clean look
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