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My First Photoshoot....Probaby My First Time Exposing My GS

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Default My First Photoshoot....Probaby My First Time Exposing My GS

So along with yakuza,carbongs, and BBRolex, i was 1 of 4 2nd gen GS members lucky enough to be selected by a vendor have to be in a calendar(there were a handful of gs members who didnt make it so i am truthfully flattered) get them here BTW

the people in the calendar are as follows

1) I2Fat
2) DJSai
3) Infinus
4) SakataJ
5) HiL
6) BBRolx
7) Just IS
8) SFFD103
10) InfiniRX
11) CarbonGS
12) MDSC
13) AirVtec

Im tired of hearing some of you whine that i never post my car so since i had to provide them pics and a spec sheet i figured i would share it here.........


New Oem Front Bumper
New Chrome Strips All The Way Around
New TTE Front Lip
2001+ Green Tinted Headlights With LS430 Retroed Projectors,Auto Leveling Feature Retained Sold
New 2001+ Yellow Housing Fogs Retroed With JDM Alteeza (IS300) Yellow Projectors 4300k HID Kits In Them
Genuine Junction Produce Non LED Tails
Kazz Fog Light Surrounds
Jzsinternational Taba Grill Black Chromed Sold
Junction Produce Billet Grill (Not Installed Yet)
Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood (Uninstalled)
AeroCatch Flush Mount Hood Pins (Not Installed Yet)
L-Tuned Side Skirts
L-Sportline Rear Bumper
Vendor CLT Side View Mirror Turn Signal Housings
Black Pearl Emblems On Rear
Front & Rear Shaved Fenders (Shaved/Insulated/Undercoated/Painted By Me)
Custom Skid Plate Project With Delrin


Brand New Black OEM Carpet
Converted From OEM Tan Interior To All OEM Black Interior
Headliner,Sunroof Headliner,Upper A/B/C Pillars, Emergency Handles, Sun Shades All Done In Olive Suede
2003 Complete Sport Design Blackwood
All Interior Upper Plastics Dyed/Stained Black
Trunk Is Done In Grey Suede All Done By Myself And Gf (For the 3rd rebuild of the trunk im switching to like a Olive Green Suede) coming very soon]
ALL Lights have Been Converted To V-Led's LEDS or custom soldered LED's
White "Shocker" Shift ****
Black Alacantra Shift Boot With Green Stiching
Black Chrome Shift Ball
New OEM Shifter Cover (needs to be replaced again )
TTE Front Door Sills (Uninstalled)
Custom TTE Inspired Rear Door Sills (Uninstalled)
3 boxes of 10465 Bulk Dynamat throughout the car
50 feet of 0 gauge and bout 30 feet of 4 gauge wiring
Gen 4 Nav Ecu Sold
Custom Made Prestigious Society Nav Override Unit (To Enter Directions On The Fly) (Uninstalled)
Prestigious Society Remote Custom Mounted In The Ashtray (Uninstalled)
Orion Bass Controller Custom Mounted In The Ashtray (Uninstalled)
Nav Tool EE0246 (Uninstalled)
KCA-SC100 Sirius Tuner (Uninstalled)
Pioneer Avic-Z150bh
Carson Toyota Japan GS Double Din Radio Faceplate
Stinger SPD5621 Power Distribution Block
Stinger SPD5202 Inline Fuse Holder
Stinger SPI6317 6 Channel Stereo Interconnect RCA's
Stinger SPD514 Power Distribution Block
Stinger SPT53303 Negative Battery Terminal
Stinger SPT53103 Positive Battery Terminal
Stinger SHDA1 Inline Fuse Holder
Stinger SHDA1 Inline Fuse Holder
Exonic EXR300 Rear View Camera (Installed in Keyhole)
Alpine VPA-B222 Vehicle Hub Pro (Used To Interface ) (Uninstalled)
Alpine Hub Remote Cut Into The Armrest & The Armrest Was Re-upholstered (Uninstalled)
Peripheral Peswiakjc Steering Wheel Control Interface
Diamond Audio D662 Front Components
Diamond Audio D662 Rear Components
Diamond Audio DTK Aux Tweeter Kit
RE Audio XXX 12" Sub Custom Designed Box
Orion HCCA25001 Amp (Powering The Sub) (Uninstalled)
Orion HCCA10004 Amp (Powering The Components) (Uninstalled)
RE Audio XTX-500.5 Amp
RE Audio XTX5000.1 Amp
DC Audio 3.5k Amp (Not installed yet)
Kinetik HC2400 Battery x2 (One under the hood and One in The Trunk)
Kinetik HC1800 Battery (Under The Hood) ((Uninstalled)
Kinetik KMS-24 Battery Sleeve x2
Kinetik KMS-18 Battery Sleeve (Uninstalled)
Kinetik KHC-TP Power Top Posts
Kinetik KHC-SPA Side Post Battery Adapter Set
FIGS Battery Tray Underhood
FIGS CNC Battery Bar In Underhood and one in the Trunk
Iraggi 320 Amp Alternator
BIG 3 O Gauge Grounding Kit (With Extra Grounding Wires Cause I Had Extra Wires)
Power Acoustic PADVD-450 1/2 Din DVD Player (Custom Mounted In Glovebox)(Uninstalled)
KCE-4221 Ipod-ALP-B Ipod Cable (Uninstalled)
CD-1B100 Pioneer Ipod Adaptor (Uninstalled)
1998-2000 RX Male Seat Belt Part # 7333048010A0 (To Keep 3 Seatbelts In Back Seat)
1998=2000 Rx Female Seat Belt Part # 73343-50020A1 (To Keep 3 Seatbelts In Back Seat)


(yes im sure i need/should go lower on my front but in this city thats all i am willing to do....atleast till i convert to a air system) ALOT more suspension mods will be coming in shortly and i will update with those

L-tuned Steering Ecu
Megan LP Coilovers
Carson PSB Rear Carrier Bushings
Daizen Polyurethane Control Arm Bushings
TRD Blue Front/Rear Sway Bars (Powder Coated Kawasaki Lime Green)
TOM's Front Lower Chassis Bar (Powder Coated Kawasaki Lime Green)
TOM's Rear Lower Closed Chassis Bar (Powder Coated Kawasaki Lime Green)
TOM's 6 Link Kit (Powder Coated Kawasaki Lime Green)
Toyota Aristo GS300 Center Chassis Exhaust Brace (Powder Coated Kawasaki Lime Green)
FIGS Rear Sway Bar Endlinks
FIGS Front Sway Bar Endlinks
FIGS Moto Trac Links (Powder Coated Kawasaki Lime Green)
FIGS Outer Tie Rods (Powder Coated Kawasaki Lime Green)
FIGS Moto Mega Arms (Powder Coated Kawasaki Lime Green)
FIGS Moto Toe Links (Powder Coated Kawasaki Lime Green)
FIGS Front RCA (Powder Coated Kawasaki Lime Green)
FIGS 2001+ Castor Arms With Spherical Castor Bushings (Powder Coated Kawasaki Lime Green)
FIGS Rear Knuckle Bushing (Powder Coated Kawasaki Lime Green)
FIGS Designed SPC UCA (Powder Coated Kawasaki Lime Green)



ATE Super Blue DOT 4 Brake Fluid
ST40 Brake Kit 355mm (14") Diameter Slotted Rotors (Powder Coated Kawasaki Lime Green)
309.06090 Stoptech Brake Pads
Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines


Rotora Slotted Rotors
EBC Red Pads
Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines

JUST got them back in today from being rebuilt and powder coated to match my suspension. Notice the new bleeder valves and all the lines/bolts are now powdercoated black


Rays Infiniti G35 Plasti Dipped 19's
Custom L Center Cap
Federal Tires 245/40/19 On Rears (8.5") 235/35/19 On Front (8")
Ichiba's V1 12mm Spacers On Front
Ichiba's V2 22mm Spacers On Rear


Carbon Fiber Engine Cover (ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD FOR THE GS430) Sold
SRT Intake With Race ECU (Powder Coated Wrinkle Black)
Custom Kajukenbo Intake Box
RMM Strutbar (Powder Coated Wrinkle Black)
RMM Oilcap Cover (Powder Coated Wrinkle Black)
Green Dress Up Bolts
Greddy Evo Exhaust
PPE Black Coated Headers (Powder Coated Wrinkle Black)
PPE Flexible Couplers
PPE Wiring Extension
OEM Header Gaskets
OEM Pre/Post Catalytic Convertor Gaskets
Brand New Engine/Transmission Mount(s)
4 Brand New O2 Sensors
Koyo Radiator

A.N. Fittings For Aftermarket Engine Cooler From Transmission Through Remote Mount Filter,Aftermarket Oil Cooler,Through OEM Oil Cooler, And Back To Tranny

-06 Straight Hose End Aeroquip Part # 610-06A
90 Degree Male Elbow -06 AN x 3/8 NPT Part #AN822-06-06
-06 Flare x 1/2-20 MIF Part # 2000
Compression x -6 AN Male- Steel Part # 3080S
90 Degree Male AN To MNPT Swivel -06 x 3/8 Part # 335
-06 Flare Union Part # AN815-06
-06 45 Degree Hose End Aeroquip Part # 645-06A
-06 Stainless Steel Braided Hose Part # FBA0600
9/16 x 9/16 Separators (Fab-0600) Part # 2928
5/8 Adel Clamp Part # 2582
JEGS Fittings
-06 AN Tube Nuts Part # 555-100382
-06 AN Tube Sleeves Part # 555-100392
-06 AN Male To 14mm X 1.5 Metric Male Adaptor Part #799-670520
Nut, Flare (For ATM Oil Cooler) Part # 1649550020
Inlet Sub-Assy Part # 1649774760
OEM Toyota Tranny Fitting O-Rings Part # 9030111006

AMSMIKE2's LS Swap Mounts.....For My LSX Manual Tranny Motor Swap (Powdercoated) Sold

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That's a serious mod list! Nice job!
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Nice ride Brian. Bout time I actually see your car.
Did you ever figure out a way to use hood struts with your cf hood? I'm still contemplating mounting mine for that reason alone.
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Def a nice job here....clean and a nice list of mods
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Do you have plans to do different wheels/tires? Those tires would have a lot of trouble hooking up with the LSx swap.
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damn, impressive. i've never been a fan of neon green but i think the fact that youre going all out with it and doing so much with it, is awesome.
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damn! you got a crap load of stuff there! and yet it looks so simple.
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Looking Good!!!!!
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its about time brian, looks good man
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Mean lookin GS, I just bought sold my G35 coupe last week and hoped into a GS didn't know there was this much to do to them.
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car needs more low. just saying

haha jk
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Quite an extensive list of mods. It never ends. Too bad you were not able to put the StopTechs on. That would have popped.
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Nice ride brian... Damn that's a long list of mods you have there

Interior shots?
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your car looks extremely amazing

role model for what i want mine looking like in the future
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Clean and subtle. Thats a HUGE mod list.
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