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headlight restoration with 1500, 2000, PLastX

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That looks great. It seems like i polish up my drivers side headlights once a month because it gets hazy.
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Yea those look sharp. I bought some other brand..but i think i'm ganna order plastx online because the one i used didnt have these type of results.
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Just got back from restoring the headlights. Followed the instructions you wrote + additional things that people mentioned. The lights look brand new ! I am gonna upload some before and after pictures tomorrow at work. =]]
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I'm going to try this next week. How do you know when its time to move to each step though?
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I wouldnt try wetsanding first b/c if Plastx is good enough to restore headlights, why scratch them by sanding? If Plastx fails, I'd try wetsanding.
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To just get rid of fogging wouldnt just the 2000 grit work? The OP had a lot of actual scratches but I have a few cars that have bad yellowish-green fogging but no scratches.
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I just used the PlastX and its a big improvement. I have some light scratches on my lens though so I will be wet sanding them tomorrow probably. But if you don't have scratches on your lens the PlastX will be good enough to restore your headlights. Should I use the 1500 and 2000 sand paper? Or should I use ScratchX? The scratches aren't that bad so just wondering what I should use.

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How long does this last???
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wow! i have to try this on mine.
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I just got done cleaning/polishing my headlight housings and it looks fantastic! My car came with brand new high-beam lenses, but the headlights and fogs were yellowish (fogs especially) so it didn't quite match. I spent about 30min with a microfiber applicator pad and some microfiber towels and it looks almost as good as new (I think I'll need to clean the inside of the housing to make it look completely spotless). I first used a healthy coat of TurtleWax Rubbing Compound, then cleaned that off and applied Maguiar's ScratchX using fairly strong pressure. Sorry I don't have any pictures, but I'll take some before/afters when I do the fog lights this weekend. I strongly recommend this combo if you don't want to wetsand but still need a heavy cleansing.
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Did you get some pics of the fogs? Did you do it yet?
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Did this a few months ago (on another thread) and it worked out great. Since then, I've found 2500 and 3000 grit wet sandpaper. I'm going to try that sometime and see. If anything, I think I should be able to get even better results (Mine were restored 95%, but not 100%).

I'm thinking wet sanding 1500/2000/2500/3000 by hand followed by PlastX with a random orbital should look just like new.
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I just used PlastX on the lights on my Sc300.

I did not use anything but the plastx, a car washing sponge, and some sore thumbs pushing power.

I have to say, that it is hands down the most unbelievable product I have ever used. Absolutely night and day... I only wish I could have taken before and after pictures.

I truely would pay $100 for a small 10oz bottle of this stuff ... if that was the price. Worth every penny.

I cannot see how people can use this and not get outstanding results.

Hope it helps
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it looks great....but how long is it gonna stay like that or do u keep wiping the plastx on it ?
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