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Originally Posted by Altezza_IS View Post
Hey Everyone ! Jus wanted to introduce myself as I just got the IS 350 F Sport! This car is just complete perfection! I LOVE this amazing style Lexus is doing. I'm a big car enthusiast and this IS is just amazing and by far the best in this class! I LOVE IT! Looking forward to talking to all you proud owners on here. I'm a big newbie/rookie when it comes to forums. I got on here back in 2008 when I got an 08 Is 250 and rarely used the forum. I hope I get to know all you guys on here, get creative and do some amazing things to my new baby!!


Hi welcome!!!

What color interior did you get?

I myself just traded my 2014 IS250 black/red fsport for IS350 fsport ultra white/red. Got tired of the weekly upkeep on the black car plus if I look at it sideways it would scratch.

2014 IS350 Fsport Ultra White/Red with ML, Blind Spot, Navi
2014 IS250 FSport obsidian/red-----GONE ON 7/7/2014 to CARMAX
Prior rides:
2012 IS250 FSport StarFire Pearl/black
2011 IS250 FSport Tungsten Pearl/black
2009 IS250 Glacier Frosty Mica/black
2007 IS250 Tungsten Pearl/black
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