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Facebook=Satan's tool What he said; 'Do what?' Yup Do what?

I have NO regrets! I asked my salesman to find me what I wanted and he made it happen...EXACTLY!

Matter of fact the car we got was still on the boat when he tagged it for us. I believe we waited long enough for some of the bugs to be worked out before we got MILKEE. We haven't experienced any of the issues many other owners have experienced.

My thought is this; I am a machine person. What I mean is this; if you take care of and nurture your machine, they will take care of you. Every machine (lawn mover, car, airplane, AC unit or what ever) will respond and last longer when you take care of and respect them...Think I'm crazy? Me too. But I had an airplane that responded to a scratch on her chin with an absolutely awesome flight every time!

Retired A&P mechanic
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