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Originally Posted by beeRandon View Post
I have the V1, false alerts are crazy in the city though. But I have my K band set to where it will go on loud if the signal increases but if it stays weak it stays on silent to avoid false alerts. Programming was a bit of work though.
How difficult was it to reprogram on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the easy, and 10 being difficult?

Originally Posted by CJW View Post
Cars that set it off must have some sort of radar guiding. Ours doesn't bother it, but Audis set it off seemingly the most. Others cars do as well, but I notice Audis the most.
Would that cruise control feature that measures the distance of the vehicle in front of you and maintains a certain distance from that vehicle affect the radar detector?

Originally Posted by HeMan26 View Post
I noticed most cars that set off the k-band alert have the distance sensors on the bumper. I hate audi's for this reason. It actually gets annoying, especially when the audi is in front during high traffic. Some BMW's cause the k band alert also.

So the parking sensors set it off? The parking sensors should only be enabled while trying to park, not while driving. I know while I worked at BMW, there was a lot of issues with parking sensors going off while driving, it was quite an annoyance.
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