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Originally Posted by cm09578 View Post
You have an AWD?
What is your setup, wheels & tires? Thanks!
As suggested earlier, all of that is in the wheel and tire info thread, I urge you to look through all the posts which show setups for suspension, wheels and tires to show real world examples on what works for people

Here is his Syd's setup from that thread.
I know him personally and he is speaking the truth

Plus, keep in mind that 25 series or 30 series is merely the aspect ratio or percentage of overall width. So my 30 fronts have the same overall diameter as my 25 rears and same treadwear rating. I can get all 4 tires shipped to my house for $575 brand new and they are just as quiet as my $900 continental dws tires, so don't let that keep you from going staggered. I just had my tires balanced after nearly 10 months and they checked out great. I had some feathering on one but that was due to an alignment issue and if I need a new one sooner than the rest, it is only $92 shipped..not a big deal
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