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Originally Posted by CJITTY View Post
Why not go staggered? 35 offset is def gonna looked sunken in on the rear. Have you looked at the wheel and tire sticky research thread? 3 of us LS600 owners have posts in there with pics and wheel specs and we all have AWD by default since they are 600s. If you do go 22x9 all around I would shoot for 25mm to 30mm offsets. Farming posted in that thread too and he had 22x9 with 30mm offsets and could of easily ran 5mm spacers to help reduce the sunken in look IMO. I have a 22x10.5" wide wheel 38mm offset with 305/25/22 tire and it fills up that fender perfectly. That 305 wide tire makes all the difference.
Thank you, I understand many are running staggered on the AWD, but my only concern is that the car will be driven a lot, 30k miles this year at least. You don't think that many miles will be a problem with a staggered setup? Also, was trying to stay with a 30 tire over a 25 due to the amount of miles the car will be driven. Please advise
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