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I have been to Stans Shop in Ft Lauderdale and the guys there know their ******....They are pricey however the quality of service is worth it.


Originally Posted by Supremeg56 View Post
Hey whats up guys I know I'm posting this kind of early but around the 11th of April i finally have some free time and I need someone thats trusted and knowledgable about SCs to fix a few minor things on my car I've listed what needs to be fixed below if you think you have the parts and can take care of it just hit me up so we can work out a price for labor charge and set it up really would like to have these things fixed to finish off the little things that are wrong with the car

1. Passenger side door doesn't lock using the power lock but you can lock it manually from the inside and outside with the key
2. The horn doesn't work
3. My A/C is only cold on max cold setting if you turn the **** to anything besides max cold it immediately starts blowing hot air
4. Wetsand and clear coat my headlights
5.Foglights don't work and I need new fog lights or if you can clean my current ones that would be great to save some cash and just possibly rewire them
6. Water container for windshield wiper doesn't hold water if you can repair or if you have an extra let me know
7. The memory set buttons don't work for button 1 or 2 for seat positions
8. Brake lights in spoiler don't work
9. Lastly the black plastic wheel weld that covers the fog lights and such for the drivers side if you have and extra one let me know
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