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Originally Posted by oohpapi44 View Post
Not disagreeing with you. NY and NJ are different animals when it comes to tire pressure, compared to doing the same in CA or FL. It's asinine to max out tire pressure here and what happened (blow out) is exactly whats going to happen when hitting a pothole with a rock hard tire; or bent rim.

Would have been great to see the psi numbers associated with the picture you posted.
My experience happened while i was living out in Scottsdale AZ, very flat and dry. I don't recall what make tires my co-worker had but i assume they were the OEM tire make and model that his IS300 came with.

I absolutely agree with you regarding maxing out tire pressure in the tri-state area. Too many potholes and road imperfections from the constant freezing and thawing here.
I've never been led astray to used the recommended inflation pressures found in the manual. I often get very good tire life and even wear patches unless i'm late to realize an alignment problem.
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