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Originally Posted by oohpapi44 View Post
Could've just watched Mythbusters and come to same conclusion.

Not going to be unsafe and 'overinflate' is a misnomer. Tire is rated for 60psi so anything under won't be overinflating. Just exceeding what the manufacturer suggest for optimum ride comfort. You want to bounce around but get more mpg, then you've got plenty of room to play with. Go past what tire is rated for, then we are talking overinflating.

Props for experimenting though.
The max inflation on the sidewall is a safety max at cold tire pressure prior to bursting concerns that can be caused by bumps and road hazards once the tire air warms up.

Exceeding past the manufacturer's max load cold tire pressure recommendation will lead to a smaller contact patch with excessive wear in the center of your tire . It will affect handling characteristics and braking distance which is unsafe. You're compounding the risk of a blowout being in a heavy SUV.

Not worth the risk to the safety of yourself, passengers and others on the road, just to save on a few gallons of gas IMO.
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