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Default Has anyone upgraded their audio system in the LS430???

Hey Guys,

a good song came on in my car a few days ago so I turned up the volume, and the speaker/woofer in the back blew surprisingly easy.

So I went to the local audio shop here and put a down payment on a simple set up of two 12's(250 RMS each) in the back with a 300 watt amp.

After getting the specs on the set up I went online and checked them out and realized I was way overpaying for a very 'beginner type" set up, so I decided to piece together my own set up of higher quality parts and more power.

So my predicament is this, ive now purchased two KAPTION SPL 12 inch subwoofers at 500-100RMS watts each, and when I went to place an order for a 1000W Fosgate amp, I was warned from another customer that sometimes these set ups can cause a host of electrical issues with the car.

So basically im now scared to death of even doing this, I know our cars have a very sophisticated electrical system, with lots of sensors and gadgets and I don't want to affect any of them in any way.

I was told it puts extra strain on the alternator and battery, those im fine with, if they have a shorter life span I don't mind , they are fairly easy to replace, but im wondering if theres anything else I neded to worry about???

can this put strain on all the other sensors in any way? Can it affect the computers or ECU's crutial to the car?

Any info will be appreciated, thanks a lot guys as always
LS430 on 22" GFG's
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