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Originally Posted by imherenow View Post
good to see the care involved. Also what kind of oil, viscosity and filter have you been using. And did u stick with same oil everytime??
Thank you. I've always used 5W30 Full Synthetic with a Toyota filter. Used Pennzoil and Valvoline, but started sticking with Mobil 1 as of late. No good reason, just being brain washed by their marketing. I get my oil from Walmart, so it really doesn't matter what brand I get, they're all within $3 of each other.
Originally Posted by Bdub215 View Post
thats quite a list. I compile a list in my head though, and i start to laugh at the amount of stuff i've done. It blows yours away lol
I'm glad I'm not alone. It's the perfectionist in me that keeps it going.

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