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Originally Posted by sydtoosic View Post
my bad, i should have clarified better. it wasn't my neighbor, it was a random person that i'd never seen before. he did not feel bad after our brief convo. he really thought the car he was looking at was a GS. he left and got back into his car with a smile .
Cool! To me, these days when people are mostly like islands unto themselves, very few things are better, or more sincere and welcome, than receiving an unsolicited compliment. In this sense, it's of no importance that the admirer could not distinguish your LS from a them, they liked your car and it presented an opportunity to share and inform. I had a similar experience with my `11 MSport 750i xDrive when I was assisting a friend close on their beach house...the realtor complimented me on my 5 Series! I thanked them and acknowledged how easy it was to confuse a 5 Series with a 7 Series unless one knew what to look for. We then began a discussion about cars, went to lunch, and during which solved my friend's concern about leaving the house vacant for 9 months each year while she resided in Paris...the outcome was that the realtor would check on it monthly. So, I feel like a simple compliment in this instance led to mutual respect and a good acquaintance. You can never know who that person approaching with a kind word might be and how they might be of some indirect/direct assistance.

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