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Originally Posted by dseag2 View Post
It's been a while since anyone posted one of these stories, so I though it was time. I drove into Home Depot garden center the other day to pick up some mulch. At this store, you drive through the back, have the mulch loaded into your trunk and go pay the outside cashier. When I drove up, the female cashier said, "I'll give you the mulch for free". (Wait for it.) "If you give me your car." Her male counterpart said "The Sport model is really nice" and asked me if I liked it. Pretty soon they were checking out the inside as well.

I told her I couldn't negotiate the deal because I would no longer have anything with which to transport mulch.
Cool story. I don't think I would use mine to transport mulch though. Mine still smells like leather.

Some months ago, I just pulled into a spot at the local convenience store and right next to me a guy in a red Ford pulled in. A third vehicle pulled in at around the same time. All three of us got out of our vehicles and began to make our way into the store when the driver of the third car pointed at our two red cars right next to each other and said: "Wow, your cars look like twins!"

The driver of the red Ford replied, "Ummm, no. Not twins." He pointed at my red Lexus and added, "He has an 'L' on his car...I have an 'F' on mine. We all LOLed at that one.

Pretty funny reply by the owner of the Ford. Kind of humbling for me.
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