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So i go pick up a new battery today. I stop at Starbucks on my way home to grab a coffee with a buddy only to come out and have the car not want to start. To top it off, I find out they gave me the wrong battery at the parts store. YAY! Luckily it was close so I walk the 3 blocks back to parts store with the awkward 60lbs battery, get the right one, walk back an install on the side of the road! HAH-ZAAH!? she runs and all the little glitchy little electrical problems are now gone. old battery was 9 years old!

Also, I Just ordered almost all the parts needed to bring the Rexxus back up to top form: new brakes, BC BR coils, all the tune-up parts, 96k engine fluid service stuff, replacements for the broken headlight and taillight with Deop Crystal clear and LED stuff!

Still need to order all the timing and serpentine belt stuff, new motor mounts.

Oh and I installed the loner 06 GS430 wheels... Looks pretty good but definitely needs more lows and MUCH bigger wheels. 18s just look awkwardly small.... I think these cars need 20s to really fill out the wheel wells and get the right stance... could also be the width and offsets that are not helping the situation but i'm no longer looking for 19s....

I'll post some pics later tonight.
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