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Only took two years is a quick update.

Car is nearing 100k miles and not one issue with the hybrid powertrain. Once some hybrid light came on a year ago and it went away. No issues with it and it still blasts around like when I got it. The hybrid powertrain still drives seamless and I really have enjoyed ownership so far.

I've driven it to multiple cities in the SE, no issues. The power is pretty surprising, especially to others. Handled decent but could be tightened up. I was getting 32 MPG on a trip from Jacksonville amazing! 28 MPG on the highway is pretty easy and I have gotten good at averaging 25 MPG the original MPG rating. When I am bad, I can get 21-23 MPG average, which is still much better if I was bad in a comparable V-8.

Trunk room is rarely an issue. I can pack two good size bags for the airport and a clothes bag up top. If it gets bad I use the backseat since I don't have many passengers. Groceries fit most of the time. Rarely if ever have I had a complaint about rear seat room

As you know it was involved in the valve spring recall, didn't really want to do it but I did. Runs just like it used to. I also have a warranty item for the door panel (passenger) I need to take it in for. My dealer also replaced the $1500 or so rearview mirror as it shook (TSB for it) when moving. Had a bulb go out so replaced with 6k HID and also as you can see installed yellow fogs. EVERY LEXUS SHOULD HAVE Green/YELLOW FOGS

Inside has worn very well, armest still looks good for instance. While the plastic on the dash is harder than most other Lexus, it has aged extremely well b/c of it. Interior still seems fresh to me.

I've learned how to change the oil, its a snap, read the GS 350 oil change write-up here (thanks CL). Sometimes I take it in to Hennessy Lexus of Gwinnett though, best Lexus dealer bar none (shameless plug)

I got the front repainted as well as the Blitz REAL CARBON FIBER (not carbon liar aka cloth) done as well. (more to come on that after Aug 17th )

I bought wheels and mods for it, just never put it on. Wasn't entirely in love with the 19" TTE wheels I purchased. To be honest I was quite disturbed that not only do the new G37 and Jag XF look like the GS but egads they now use the same 3 spoke wheel design as the GS 450h! Everywhere around here I was like "seriously"! Then being parked next to them, I was like "okay I got to mod the car NOW"!! Didn't think I wanted lips and never did 20s before, was thinking 19s and a drop b/c I usually drive hard when I do drive hard. Enter VOSSEN.

As some of you are aware or are catching on, Mike@Vossen is me. I will have a thread on all this soon. To make a long story short Jav and I have chatted for awhile and he gave me an incredible opportunity to join his team. (more to come later). I though I wanted the CV2, was scared the CV3 was going to look "too big" but when I opened the box in person, I fell in love. The TTE wheels are also a dark finish and the graphite matte matched exactly how I envisioned where I was going to take this car. Showed a couple of people and they loved it too. Was going to drop on 1" springs but went with 2" Tanabe's. Of course black pearl emblems on her, just like the 430 Got them from Darryl at Sewell Lexus, (another shameless plug)

Won't plug to much for Vossen since this is my ownership thread but I was flattered to have the car on the website on the front page, repping Lexus and CL!

I've done plenty of shows before and have a few awards but this is the first to be featured online like this. Big thread here in the 3GS forum is you want to read

fleishalja took the pics, a CL member and it was installed at Zen Motors. TriniGS and Veritek stopped by for the install making it a mini-meet. The Lexus family

I have yet to slap the F-sport Sways in but the difference in the drive is amazing, I should have done this 2 years ago. Debuted the car at a meet last Sunday and people were in love with the new look, the wheels really match the 3GS perfect. . Of course being dumped 2 inches on beautiful wheels means BEING CAREFUL now instead of just hopping in the car and driving off. Its worth it everytime I see someone stare at the car.

Overall I love the car, love the mods, love the wheels. Got to give a big thanks of course to Club Lexus, all this wouldn't happen without it. I'll be honest a modded GS drives just as good as the best of them so honestly if it ain't a Porsche, don't see myself jumping....

Won't blatantly post tons of Vossen pics here not to ruffle feathers, you can go to the link I posted. Here are a couple from the shoot and a couple from the meet that CarbonGS took.



Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.

Planned mods are tint, exhaust tips, maybe Joe-Z exhaust, Toms pieces and brakes (brakes are next not sure BBK or stock).

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