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Originally Posted by TF109B View Post
I've noticed that in previous BM episodes. They don't usually judge one car better than the rest, but take points from every car and explain what they do. It's definitely entertaining, but like I said before, it shouldn't be looked at as a definitive bar for performance of the cars. Driver skills, mistakes, tires etc. make all of that stuff kinda variable.
Exactly, what they do try to convey to the audience is the intrinsic chemistry of tactile senses, visual, audio, and other sensory interactions of human with machines, and give you the more insightful meaning to owning and driving these cars. This so you can make your own judgments without needing to base them on the catalog specs and pure fundamentals of numerical data. Lancer Evolution, GTR, LFA, 911 Carrera, Corvette all put down decent and similar numbers, but feel like all are from a different world.

IF numbers were the only thing important to performance cars, a Corvette will be the KING of value leader. BM has noted that and even rated the ZR1 something very good, in terms of overall package as a car. Defining what America does best, putting basic platform together in simple inexpensive format, and calibrating it till it just boasts the best catalog numbers in the most rated categories. And it has been the primary way of marketing the Corvette all these years.
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