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Originally Posted by 05RollaXRS View Post
I hope we can get a summarized translation of their thoughts, comments, impressions of the cars and how they compare.
In a general summary conversation at the end, everyone basically agrees that today's ultra-exotics are all really great cars. Durable, reliable, well mannered, and are fine examples of the marques they represent. Without harsh wording, each has its attributes, flavors, and missions for the brands and carry very different characters. However, in a field of cars like these, one can't really compare them on objective notes. They all perform as expected and advertised. They appreciate the selection of era like this, when all the cars are so well positioned and none without ill faults, which was not always the case in ages of the past.

If I may add to this...

Best Motoring has been creating video production for the enthusiasts and not for the general audience since 1987, and as such, has developed language and evaluated cars on intrinsic values of construction, behaviors, build and designs, and historical adherence, among many others. The audience must understand that Best Motoring has gone well beyond the simple numerical representations of performance, and tagging cars in order of raw data, as most general buyers and shallow enthusiasts understand this sort of comparison. It's not. They converse based on much more than 1-400m acceleration, and Tsukuba Lap times. Kurosawa has always been a Bridgestone tire testing engineer with more laps on Nurburgring than most German drivers, all of the other casters have varying degree of automotive top tier racing and manufacturer design team experience under their belt as well as deep and competitive automotive journalism. In fact, many rate Keiichi Tsuchiya highly but among the staff at Best Motoring, he is one of the most focused edged and not as well rounded despite the massive popularity he has gained as spokesman and creator of D1 and Ikaten under SunPros.

What I am trying to say is the whole coverage of LFA here among other cars, in this episode, the raw performance figures, and minute features of the cars are ultimately not the focus. It really doesn't matter that LFA was 0.7 seconds slower in the straights, nor that one car was well ahead, or even the fact that drivers made mistakes or drove within some safety margins that prevented it from posting some fraction of a second faster lap.

What was important and they keep speaking of over and over, in this episode is that the LFA is a fine vehicle like no other, than a Toyota, and that its true form and appreciation is in the fine balance, utter exotic machinery put together in such form, and all tamed with Lexus's attitiude of "omotenashi" a word reserved without direct translation, representing something like "hospitality, as in the state of deep conscious appreciation for its customers, flowing in the blood from the moment you wake up each day, through design process, building, and presenting, as well as caring..." But extending this to the super exotic category of cars, where such was never the rule. Missing from this LFA is the utter compromise becasue of power or stratosphereic character. It was accepted before, a car like this to be rude, sinful, chaotic, irrational, perky, or dysfunctional in some ways to be at this speed and capacity. Toyota has re-defined it for this segment, and is a car that has none of the compromises and one need not fear, sweat, or endure. One can jump in, and situate comfortably, and have the car speed at stratospheric performance levels, but in expected, managable, and predicatable state of hospitality and "omotenashi". In that sense, it is unlike any other car in the world.

Also, GTR was praised for its sheer capability that defies traditional physics, and bests speeds and laps, and stability of many cars in higher price category and historical development, yet at the price of under 1,000,000 JPN. For simple raw objective data, this is still very impressive, if not having the refinement of merits as design of the bare chassis, which is much like any other car, only modern technology gadgets installed and tuned in harmony allows the car to perform at this level. But like Kurosawa says in the first segment of the GTR 2010/2011 model driving impression, GTR still has much of the inherent weakness of having to be AWD to coax such performance out of such large and non-optimized coupe, which is very different from a race or pure sports car.

There's other ideas and values discussed in this video, but I'll leave it at that. No one complained about lack of anything in the Final Battle, and all just exchanged with enthusiasm, why any of these cars are in fact a great choice for a driving enthusiast.

And that most of the conversation taking place here, such as launch control this or something being turn on or off... was not really a point of the whole video in focus. I'll go review it again though and pick up more finer 'objective' items, specs, and timing and situations, sometime. For now I'll just leave this as food for thought and further discussion.

< did that make any sense?>

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