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I split my next two posts - first a couple notes before I get to questions...

As I mentioned in the other thread, the new black LFA at Infineon that is Lexus USA's car is #32. We got it over 500 miles already.

BTW, I think I misspoke - it's the first proto Pearl Gray that is on loan from Japan, correct? So US should keep the proto Pearl Yellow and the production glossy black #32. Unless they are actually leasing both prototypes and will only keep #32.....

Other assorted notes I "gleaned" in some fashion...
  • At least 2 USA buyers have bought more than one LFA.
  • They are still selling LFAs so that 25ish figure is decreasing. They sold another 2 units this week just in west region. This is a car that can definitely convince people of its place as a legendary supercar after they drive it.
  • There are already 12 Nürburgring Editions on order in the US. (So happy to hear this.)
  • Nürburgring Edition production is scheduled to start January 2012 at the same time as premium colors, not at the end of the cycle as I previously reported
  • Lexus is committed to continuing to provide LFA customer support beyond just service/maintenance, including developing LFA community... more to come

BTW, the feedback on this car from pros who have driven it on the track continues to be amazing. I won't name the pro who said this, but he mentioned he has a client who personally hired him for Infineon track instruction in the client's own 458, and that while the 458 is a great car, the LFA is "more dynamic", better on the track, and "far more special".

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot - my LFA hit Long Beach last night.

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