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Very short note as I just got back from Infineon. We had three customers (me, #29, and a guy with a future car) plus Paul Rohovsky and one other guy who took turns (not sure of the relationship with Lexus). 07, are you still in town? I have dinner plans but am going to hang out with some of the Lexus guys in the meantime.

I did get a chance to check this thread this morning and reminded myself 10 times to look at the production number on the black car, but like an idiot I forgot. The new black car is going to be Lexus USA's official vehicle, replacing the yellow one, which they decided to return to Japan soon. This was originally a car headed to a Texas dealership but Lexus USA got it instead. I was surprised to learn that Lexus USA is actually leasing the yellow LFA (i.e., paying to have it, not just "borrowing" it from Japan), so this works out much better for them anyway. In any case, I'll ask Jim about the #.

All the instructors are with the Jim Russell program. My instructor was Formula Drift Pro Tony Brakohiapa. He was really good. We rotated cars so I did get to drive all three. I probably did 15 laps in total. I did back up the black car when we were parking for lunch; the backup cam works just like it does on the F, although I'm not sure it's mounted center.

Very short verdict: The LFA is the best car I have ever driven. It is so incredibly stable in cornering that it is simply mindboggling. Repeatedly through my instruction I was way too tentative because I was expecting it to react like a typical Ferrari or Porsche MR/RR with heavy rear weight bias. It's simply an amazing experience, way more special than any of the exotics I've driven, and especially at a place like Infineon the car really shines.

Have to run. A few photos and other notes later.

Originally Posted by jpvarghese View Post
Gengar, I think everyone will be thankful if you did that. For an in car perspective, mount a camera on the rear glass, looking forward. It gives a great, panoramic view. Check out this video.
The tech guys mounted my GoPro on the rear glass for me and it came out great. I will upload the video of Tony Brakohiapa's hot laps to youtube later this week.
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