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Default Update

For someone who has never been to a race track before, this event was a blast today. While I don't have any reference/bench mark for this type of events, I have to say Lexus did a fantastic job in organizing it.
Summary of the event:
- There are 3 LFAs, a black on black/red (Production unit, brand new with 320 miles on the clock), yellow (did not arrive until late morning), and pearl gray.
- Being the first day, we had only 4 students, and we were out numbered by our ultra cool driving instructors.
- We get to take turn driving the black and the gray cars, just to see the differences. The production unit reponses are sharper in comparison to the prototype with over 13K miles on it.
- Lexus has professional video production crew to make in car video of our runs. Can't wait to see the results.
- As advertised, we did the acceleration/braking (0-140-0 mph), slalom and cornering (in IS-Fs). We did not do the skidpad, not sure if it was intentional...
- Then we run laps around the tracks. This was the best part once I got the hang of things.

I will post more observations, thoughts, and info that I received while at the event. All I can say is that I have no regret whatsoever with my purchase after learning to track the car.
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