Lexus RX450h Joins Google's Autonomous Army

This RX450h is a new addition to Google's fleet of autonomous robot cars. It was spotted cruising the streets of southern california, presumably acting as a harbinger for the impending robot revolution. Of course, Google has been slow to admit the true goals behind their projects. Instead they insist they just want cars that can drive themselves.

Other autonomous Prii have been caught running around with roof mounted sensors over two years ago. Compared to those last sightings, the kit on to the RX seems a little less clunky. Frankly, the RX is a much better fit for an autonomous vehicle any way. It's more comfortable, can carry a lot of people, and looks slightly less ridiculous with a bundle of electronics duct-taped to the roof.

Jay Seuss (Wed, 18 Apr 2012 20:30:39 -0700): Now that is a navigation system!