• The whole idea of a crossover is to have the utility and right height of an SUV with the handling of car. With a coupe, you lose the utility part of that equation. So, will Lexus ever build this? Read more

  • I really miss VIP - not that it's completely gone, but strangely, it just hasn't made its way into my day-to-day feeds; so when I saw the headline, that Wald International has released a Lexus RX Body Kit, I was intrigued. Read more

  • Back in the day, having a cellular phone was a sign of status. If you had one in your car, complete with a twisty aerial antenna affixed to the top of your car, you were a baller! Today, we live in a mobile environment where high speed internet and smartphones are a way of life. Lexus has gone one step ahead by offering a WiFi hotspot for select Lexus models.... Read more

  • Motor Trend from time to time features celebrities and the vehicles they drive and it's always interesting to see what they own. Some say that what you drive is a reflection of your personality, but some say otherwise.  This time they feature heavy metal guitarist Scott Ian of Anthrax and his third Lexus RX.... Read more

  • Build Your Faux Lexus

    June 6, 2013

    Is it a Lexus or not? Chinese car manufacturer BYD (Build Your Dreams) manufactures the controversial S6 SUV. Some may say it looks nothing like a 2nd Generation Lexus RX, but don't let them fool you, it's a blatant copy of the best selling 2nd generation Lexus RX.... Read more

  • Yeesh. It seems that fate is still intends to make Toyota pay for that screw up with the floor mats earlier this year. If you thought the recall was the end of it... you thought wrong.... Read more

  • With its F-Sport program, it's clear Lexus is aiming to make the marque as associated with aggressive styling and spirited driving dynamics as it is with refined luxury. The jewel in the division's crown is obviously the LFA, but since the release of the IS F in 2007, the company has released F-Sport variants of the GS and RX--demonstrating that its new performance focus is here to stay.... Read more

  • Claret Mica (3S0) is the newest color added to the 2013 Lexus RX palette of colors. Sadly it replaces the brighter and bolder Matador Red (3R1) which came on board early on in the 3rd Gen RX's lifecycle. Claret Mica is a deep plum color which was first introduced on the 2nd Gen GX in 2010. Claret Mica is very reminiscent of Brandywine Metallic (4S6) a color available in limited quantities on later 2nd Generation RX models. ... Read more

  • The next chapter for Lexus is just around the corner and is coming to the luxury utility vehicle that created this category back in 1998, we know it as the Lexus RX. The new 2013 RX, currently arriving at Lexus showroom floors is a mid cycle refresh of the current 3rd generation RX platform. Thanks to the Lexus LFA supercar, the sport inspired feel is finally being shared across the Lexus line up. The new 2013 RX is the latest Lexus to receive the LFA's midas touch.... Read more

  • This RX450h is a new addition to Google's fleet of autonomous robot cars. It was spotted cruising the streets of southern california, presumably acting as a harbinger for the impending robot revolution. Of course, Google has been slow to admit the true goals behind their projects. Instead they insist they just want cars that can drive themselves.... Read more

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