Motortrend Dives into the Lexus RC-F


More news on the already highly acclaimed  Lexus RC-F - this time with an in-depth look from the good people at Motortrend.

Interesting to note that some of the discussion prompted in the comments bring light to whether Lexus is emulating the BMW M4 - but I'd like to say it's more of an inspiration. With engine specs, size, and proposed performance right in the M4's range - this car is certain to aim for the benchmark precedence set by BMW's wundercar over the years.

I'm really loving all the details coming in about the car though. With a vehicle and release of this nature, it's an important push towards Lexus' goals to establish itself seriously within the high-end performance luxury market. Some details to note:

  • The basic cylinder block is shared with the outgoing IS-F's but with new cylinder heads and all new moving parts, friction is reduced and the engine revs 500 rpm faster than the IS-F's, to 7,300 rpm.
  • Motortrend reports 480-hp from the 12.3:1 compression 5.0 liter engine
  • The RC-F wears 70% upgraded/updated suspension hardware
  • Curb weight on the RC-F is higher than the outgoing IS-F but will be assured to outperform its 4-door predecessor

via [Motortrend]