What's Next for Lexus? RC-F Debut w Jeff Bracken, Lexus VP


2014's been a non-stop flurry of coverage on the Lexus RC-F including our fully loaded photo gallery from 2014 NAIAS.

There's a lot to be excited as we move into 2014. Here're some highlights from last week's debut from Jeff Bracken, Lexus Group VP and GM.

Bracken opens with some words about his childhood including some anecdotes of his childhood riding shotgun along his father, who'd spent a number of years working directly for Carroll Shelby.

For most of us, Lexus is the last company you'd imagine to bring up Shelby in Detroit. Visions of stripped down Cobras are worlds away from the Japanese luxury automaker, but these words speak volumes on Lexus' increased focus on performance.

"Picture a 10 year-old with his father going for a ride in a Shelby Cobra. That was it for me. That was the moment I fell in love with cars and the automobile industry... "

Later on in his speech as he lists Lexus' moves into the performance market including the introduction of the F line, the IS-F's 2008 introduction, the LFA supercar, and more.

"And now we're truly excited to add more product performance to the Industry."

And the RC-F's interesting spec list definitely supports Bracken's statement:

  • 450 HP / 383 LB-TQ
  • V8 engine to include both Atkinson and Otto cycles to switch between fuel efficiency and performance
  • Power management through a new 8 speed transmission
  • Lexus' first non-exotic production model to include an active rear wing for variable downforce
  • Inclusion of a new Torque Vectoring Differential to proactively manage traction in, and out of corners

The list goes on and on. Personally - I love the RC-F with its aggressive face, long hood, and low slunk back - poised and ready to pounce. Originally I wasn't a fan of Lexus' origami styling but the creases and curves all come together nicely with the RC-F's aggressive stance.

It's an interesting direction for the luxury line - a great move in my opinion as they supply a legitimate M4 killer to as the brand pushes sales to its standard-equipped RC models. Though next in line for the brand is a launch of a more sensible CUV concept with their NX, it'll be interesting to see what they have in store.

See the full photo gallery of the RC-F at the 2014 NAIAS.