What a Hatchback ES Might Look Like

Lexus ES 350 SportCross Home

Do you miss wagons? Yeah, me too. I miss wagons like parents of a newborn miss sleeping.

About the only way I can get my wagon fix these days is through renderings. Though a Photoshopped car is far from the real thing, fantasizing keeps the wagon withdrawals at bay.

This rendering of a Lexus ES SportCross comes from Theophilus Chin. Here he has essentially grafted a Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake roofline onto a Lexus ES. The result is a stunning long-roofed Lexus that gets my juices flowing. What about yours. Should Lexus build it?

Just for fun, below are some Theophilus Chin renderings of a first-gen Lexus IS hatchback. Would you rock one of these? I sure as hell would.

XE10 Lexus IS Hatchback (2) Home
XE10 Lexus IS Hatchback Home
XE10 Lexus IS 300 Hatchback Home