Unicorn Spotting: There Was a Toyota 2000GT in the Parking Lot of the Tokyo Motor Show


So I've seen a 2000GT in person exactly three times--until I spotted this mustard yellow one in the parking lot of the Tokyo Big Site. It's arguably the most beautiful car ever produced in Japan, and at 1.2 million, holds the record for most expensive Asian car sold at action. 

And there was one in the parking lot. Parked like a regular mortal car. Without barbed wire or armed guards or anything. It was amazing and wonderful to see a classic like this is still providing joy on the roads after all these years, and I had to stop and get some photos. The Toyota and Lexus folks were as stunned as I was, and none of them had seen one in this mustard yellow. As you can imagine, the parking lot was loaded with awesome cars. While I was running to the bus, I also managed to snap photos of an Alfa-Romeo Giulietta--which isn't rare here but nonexistent in the States--and a Lancia Integrale, another Italian export that's seen about as often as Bigfoot in the United States. 

While I was out and about, I also managed to see a Toyota Century--an uber-luxo sedan made exclusively for the regular folks like the emperor, captains of industry and politicians--which was something you will just never see on my side of the Pacific. 

Enjoy the photos!