Toyota Promotes Design Chief Tokuo Fukuichi to Head of Lexus


Well, if there was any question about the seriousness of Toyota's commitment towards making Lexus a more attractive brand, let it be set to rest here and now. Tokuo Fukuichi, Toyota Motor Corporation's global design chief, is now the head of Lexus International.

This is the first time a designer will have been placed at the helm of Lexus ever. The current president, Kiyotaka Ise, will become the chief officer of Lexus' R&D group. Ise is an engineer, so this move isn't an illogical one to make. To me, this seems like a consolidation of skills in the Lexus brand. It gels with a statement made last year that Toyota intends for Lexus to be the vanguard for their brand.

It certainly seems to be working. Fukuichi was one of the loudest voices at Toyota behind the move to more exciting designs. That strategy has payed off with Lexus in particular, as they sold a record number of cars in 2013. You can bet the newly designed GS and IS coupes had something to do with that.

What do you think? Is this a good move for Lexus? Let me know your opinion on Lexus's new head honcho in the comments!

via [Autotmotive News]

Mike SU (Mon, 17 Mar 2014 13:13:17 -0700): Yes it good move and Lexus brand is very beautiful. I own a Lexus IS 250 but there is no support from Toyota here in Zambia, they can't offer not even a simple service kit, in short they can't offer anything on this type of a car. They don't even have the vehicle their system. so i strongly question the seriousiness of Toyota's commitment here in Zambia!!!!!!!!