The LFA Visits CEC Wheels Los Angeles

The Lexus LFA recently made a visit to renowned luxury tuner CEC (Claus Ettensberger Corporation) at his Los Angeles headquarters and tuning center.Not only was it a place to highlight the supercar Lexus LFA and its new shoes, it was a place where several celebrities rubbed elbows with auto enthusiasts at this invite-only event.

Very distinguished guests included but weren't limited to singer and producer, up and coming producers The Stereotypes (responsible for hits by Far East Movement, Justin Bieber and Usher just to name a few), race car driver and television host, Tommy Kendall, Sam Mitani, International Editor of Road & Track Magazine and Jimmy Kimmel's sidekick Yehya, which also happens to be Claus Ettensberger's handyman!



The event drew people from afar as the star of this gala was the Pearl Yellow Lexus LFA. CEC was able to showcase both of their signature forged wheels for the LFA. On the passenger side, the 21" CEC c882 forged wheels in a combination Anthracite/Machined finish while the driver's side sported the 21" CEC c884 forged wheels in Matte Black.

IMG_2817.JPG IMG_2833.JPG


Because the LFA should also be heard and not just seen, the folks at CEC fired up the LFAs 552hp 4.8L V10 for all the guests to experience. Each time they revved the motor, people were drawn closer and closer to the car. For many, this was the first time people were able to see the LFA in person. With only 500 units available for the world, only a fraction of that allocation will make it to the USA. CEC is the first tuner in the world to offer modifications for the Lexus LFA. They also are in the works to modify three LFAs for their customers in the near future.



Also at the event were several other Lexus models fitted with CEC modifcations. One other vehicle that stood out was a "murdered out" Lexus GX 460 in Obsidian and 20" CEC c856 Matte Black wheels. All the chrome accents were clad in matching Obsidian paint. The accenting black window tint help transform the GX from a very capable SUV into a stand out cruiser with major curb appeal.

IMG_2855.JPG IMG_2854.JPG

Now don't think that CEC offers it services only to the high end, they also cater to the enthusiasts. CEC was founded on enthusiast values and CEO and President Claus Ettensberger is no stranger to that. I would like to take the time to welcome our newest vendor here on Club Lexus, The Claus Ettensberger Corporation a.k.a. CEC Wheels.

Mr. Claus Ettensberger - President of CEC

The Stereotypes - meeting with Claus for the first time.

Tommy Kendall - Race Car Driver and TV Host

Yehya - Jimmy Kimmel Show





If you need to contact CEC for any questions, be sure to look up Vincent, CL's exclusive CEC product specialist. His screen name is "Vincent@CEC" on the forums. He will be happy to assist you with any of your questions or needs for your Lexus.

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