The Fast Lane Car Pits LS 460 Against Escalade in Drag Race for Some Reason

I've bumped into the Fast Lane Car videos a few times recently, and they've always left me a little confused. The last one I wrote about dared to ask which Scion was better at a road course, the FR-S or the tC. Weird right?  

Nathan and Roman seem like nice enough dudes, but why make videos with such a foregone conclusions? I mean, does anyone actually think a stock Escalade is going to win in drag with an LS 460? And at the beginning of the segment, Nathan describes the pairing of the LS's 4.6L V8 and eight-speed gearbox to "a fine cigar with the perfect gin and tonic." 

Now, I might not know much about cigars but doesn't it sound wrong to pair a stogie with a light, citrus-toned, bubbly cocktail? As opposed to something warm and complex like a scotch or bourbon? Because apparently, it is.

Anyway, this video got me thinking about some other videos I'd like to see from TFLC. How about "Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6 vs Polaris Slingshot: Which has More Wheels?," "Ford F-350 Super Duty vs Lotus Elise: Which has More Towing Capacity?"  or "Which will Better Handle Building Your Next Dam:  Ferrari LaFerrari vs Caterpillar D10T2?" Don't those sound like great comparisons? 

Charlie Walter (Sat, 16 Aug 2014 17:36:56 -0700): What a moron that guy is driving the escalade !
Charlie Ahr (Fri, 07 Nov 2014 00:36:59 -0800): Morons