Spy Shots: Lexus Four-Door Coupe in the Works?

The guys over at Lexus must never sleep. The RC-F is busy blowing everyone minds, while the new RC hasn't even hit showroom floors yet. The brand new NX is supposed to be making it's live debut soon, and already there are spy shots floating around of some new Lexus product from Japan.

The pictures are hardly conclusive of anything aside from the fact that it's a car. Agree with Lexus Enthusiast, in them saying that it looks like a 4-door coupe. From a competitive standpoint, a Porsche Panamera/Mercedes CLS/Audi A7 fighter would make sense. If Lexus is looking to siphon sales from the big dogs, it makes sense to go after two of their best selling body styles.

What's interesting to me is the very long wheel base. That suggests that it could be a test mule for a new LS. Who knows? That funky little hatch could be a red herring for people like me to trip over.

We'll keep an eye out for more photos as they come.


via [Lexus Enthusiast]

TJ Charity (Tue, 28 Jan 2014 12:56:01 -0800): I bet thats the 2015 LS.