Spy Shots Indicate Honda's New NSX Might Actually be a Real Thing

While it seems like Honda had been talking about a next-generation NSX since the dawn of time, it's only really been happening since about 2007. Over the years, the car--at one point called the Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept--was originally supposed to be a vicious, V10-powered world beater. 

We now know it'll be powered by a hybrid powertrain comprised of a twin-turbo V6 along with three electric motors, with combined output coming in somewhere around 500hp. Now, I know that I've previously posted some jabs at Honda for the seemingly glacial pace of development with the new car, but I was really stoked to see pics of this--apparently close to production--version turning laps over on our sister site 6SpeedOnline. 

In recent years, Honda has turned its back on the enthusiast market, resting on its laurels as a maker of cars that neither offend or excite anyone. And while I'd way rather have a 600hp LF-LC, it's awesome the company is going to release something a vehicle which isn't totally snooze-inducing. Competition makes supercars better, and I'm looking forward to seeing the GT R, RC-FS NSX shootouts.