Should Lexus Bring the "Amazing Experience" to the U.S.?


Sometimes brands offer driving experiences or little excursions to help keep you in the automaker's fold. The Germans are very good at this. Mercedes AMG has its AMG Academy, BMW has events all the time, one I just went to, and even Audi has been known to throw a party once in a while. Let me tell you, usually they get wild. Nothing beats a drunk German rapping in German at 2 a.m. But they've got nothing on the Japanese when it comes to outlandish parties, and throwing together amazing trips. 

Starting this month, Lexus of Japan is offering the Amazing Experience, in which you will take a Lexus around the most dangerous place in the world: Australia. The trip is open to current owners and includes eight days, and seven nights driving through "the country's best roads." Just be careful not to step out of your Lexus because you surely will be killed by some sort of poisonous tree-dwelling octopus. 

The experience costs around $9,000, and sadly is only being offered to Lexus owners of Japan. The trip includes flight and hotel. No word on whether it includes anti-venom injections or insurance against kangaroo kicks.