Nation’s Largest Lexus Dealership Joins Forces with the Premier Lexus Club


If you live in or visit South Florida, here’s one attraction a Lexus lover can’t miss. It’s CL's newest sponsor, JM Lexus, the largest Lexus dealership in North America, and a place you have to see to believe. From its 30,000 square foot, state-of-the-art showroom, acres of inventory and a HUGE three story shop, you need to put a guided tour of JM Lexus on your “must see” list.

Enviable Track Record
But the superlatives don’t end with just the largest physical facility - JM Lexus is responsible for several milestones in Lexus history. First, they are the largest Lexus dealer in the nation – holding the top rankings in Customer Satisfaction and producing the nation’s top sales volume year after year.

JM Lexus is a subsidiary of JM Family Enterprises which operates this huge automotive facility. The JM Family Enterprises also oversees the operations of South East Toyota Distributors, LLC, World Omni Financial Corp., and the JM&A Group. It stands for the man behind this massive automotive facility, Jim Moran, the initials of an automotive pioneer who is also distinguished by membership in the Automotive Hall of Fame. Members also include the man who brought Lexus’ parent company (Toyota) into the world, Eiji Toyoda, as well as the likes of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, John Studebaker and Mario Andretti just to name a few.

For the average person, JM Lexus might seem to be just a very big dealership, but to prospective or current Lexus owner, JM does it second to none. The records this facility has achieved as well as the honors for which they have received national recognition, set truly high standards – even for Lexus. Customer service has scored a 96.5% rating, and earned their dealership the Elite of Lexus designation - a coveted award only few Lexus dealerships worldwide achieve each year.

Honors for Excellence
In addition to the recognition given JM Lexus by the Lexus organization, the dealership has been singled out for a number of distinguished awards by the auto industry.

  1. JM Lexus was the first new car dealership to receive the J.D. Power & Associates Certified Retailer Award and the only one to receive it for 8 consecutive years.
  2. Lexus, already a long-standing J. D. Power award winning automobile from its introduction and one Lexus dealership, JM Lexus has received this prestigious award on its own for outstanding service and performance.
  3. JM Lexus recently reached a Lexus milestone, The Two Millionth Lexus vehicle sold in the United States - which happened to be a brand new 2004 Lexus RX330.

Largest Showrooms
From its original 7,000 square foot showroom with 15 sales associates selling 100 cars per month in 1997, JM Lexus’ continued growth allowed JM to build a separate 4,000 sq. ft. pre-owned Lexus showroom. As JM Lexus continued to create and break new sales records, it ultimately grew to include their newest additon, the 30,000 sq. ft. new car showroom. At the same time, 3.5 Acres of land adjacent to the JM Lexus campus became a 325-space Lexus storage lot for new and pre-owned inventory.

49 Service Bays
Of particular interest to Lexus owners living or traveling in South Florida is JM Lexus’ $18 Million, three-story service facility connected to the new car showroom. Your Lexus can be serviced at their oil change rack, or one of the 49 service bays, where qualified Lexus technicians perform factory inspections and maintenance. There is even an automatic car wash to clean your Lexus.

You can count on JM Lexus to treat your Lexus with world class care just like they do for the many Lexus buyers they have pampered over the years.

CL Members Invited
Because here at Club Lexus, we firmly believe in sharing the best to enhance the Lexus Owners experience, we feel that JM Lexus’ “Passionate Pursuit of Perfection” is achieved with the world class customer service they provide. Come down and test drive a new Lexus - or get your present Lexus pampered at their state of the art service facility. They will make sure your experience will be an unforgettable one. If you are in the South Florida area or would like to visit this fantastic Lexus facility, you can visit their website for more details and directions. We warmly welcome JM Lexus to the Club Lexus family!