LFA Hits Warp Speed in Japanese Art Installation

Media Ambition Tokyo 2014

A lot of people in the world aren't aware of the Lexus LFA's existence. Even fewer people know the true value of what it meant to Lexus and the automotive industry as a whole.

Even fewer people ever get to see one in person, and only a handful will ever get to drive it. But perhaps, the most exclusive club beyond that will be the number of people who get to sit behind the wheel of an LFA and visually experience it going through a wormhole at lightspeed.

An overdramatic intro perhaps, but fitting. Here we have 'Physical Presence', a conceptual art piece by artist Rizhomatiks. The installation is set up at Lexus sponsored 2014 Media Ambition Tokyo Event and features an Lexus LF-A Nurburgring Package edition sitting in a glass and metal room, surrounded by lights and music.

It's like an insane childhood fantasy come to life. Like The Walt Disney Company smashed Cars with Space Mountain, then blasted off the result into the farthest reaches of space.

Visually, it's an amazing piece and I'm halfway inclined to show up to one of the two venues showing the exhibit before its end on March 30th: Tokyo City view (Roppongi Hills) and INTERSECT BY LEXUS (Aoyama).

Lexus-LFA-Ambition-Tokyo (1).jpg
Lexus-LFA-Ambition-Tokyo (2).jpg
Lexus-LFA-Ambition-Tokyo (3).jpg
Lexus-LFA-Ambition-Tokyo (4).jpg