LFA 499: The Final LFA for the U.S.A. (Part 1)


It's inconceivable that two years have passed since the arrival of the first Lexus LFA supercar arrived on American soil. Every Lexus enthusiast all over the world closely watched and immersed themselves in the Lexus LFA story. We are very fortunate to be a part of Lexus history by covering the first LFA devanning in the United States, and now sadly the last.

Here are some photos from the past to present. It was exactly two years since LFA 003 arrived at FujiTrans, the logistics warehouse where all 178 U.S. Spec'd Lexus LFAs were carefully devanned. Did you know LFA 003 & 499 belongs to one man? We'll talk about that in Part 2!

1/18/11 - The first LFA to arrive in the United States: LFA 003 - Metallic Silver 

1/22/13 - The last LFA to arrive in the United States: LFA 499 - Steel Gray

Every LFA devanning was carefully done in the care of these three LFA devanning specialists at FujiTrans.

LFA 499 - Final LFA Delivery for the United States
Atlanta, GA
  • Steel Gray (9H9)
  • Dark Premium Metallic Wheels
  • Red Calipers
  • Red Leather Steering Wheel, Red Leather Door Grips
  • Red Leather Seat Front, Black Leather Seat Back
  • Black Stitching
  • Red Headliner
  • Black Carpet
  • Red Floormats
  • Red Leather Instrument Panel, Door Panel and Center Console
  • Silver Metal Trim Finish
Additional Options:
  • Carbon Fiber Roof
  • Winglets

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