Lexus Just Says "No" To Entry-Level Cars


That's the word from Lexus Marketing Chief Bryan Smith according the Chicago Times, any way. Lexus only has one car beneath the $30,000 mark with the CT 200h, but that's as low as their going to go.
Their chief of Marketing, Brian Smith, says "I don't think [entry-luxury] is a focus right now. Other manufacturers have a reason for going there. Some might be customer demand some might be government regulation," says Smith.

Unlike their rivals at BMW and Mercedes, Lexus has Toyota and Scion to offset CAFE regulations. At least, that's the reason that Smith gives. Out of all the luxury automakers Lexus is far and away the most efficient. It's more likely they can just use Toyota to feed the lower-end luxury market. 

Still, this is unfortunate. My dream of Lexus-ized Yaris on HREs and airbags has all but evaporated. C'est la vie.

Rex Litwiller (Sun, 26 Feb 2012 06:48:59 -0800): good! why on earth would you ever think "Lexus" would want to downgrade there line? What you are looking for, they already have anyway.....Its called Toyota.