Lexus releases new ad campaign to introduce the ISc



To help launch the new IS Convertible coming this summer, Lexus has introduced a new ad campaign to showcase an array of IS models. With the addition of a new IS Convertible, a new tag line has been created allowing people to "Live a little, a lot".

Today, Lexus releases four new commercials on You Tube and will broadcast on TV. Focusing on a "fun to drive" experience, for the first time people can now jump in to a new IS without having to open the doors. The last of the series of new commercial called "Scream" which showcases the new IS line featuring the regular IS sedan, the performance monster IS F and the all-new IS Convertible on the streets of Downtown LA. "Liberation through acceleration" helps generate new excitement for the now diverse Lexus IS line.  

2010 Lexus IS C Commercial: "Hop In"

2010 Lexus IS C Commercial: "Look Out"

2010 Lexus IS C Commercial: "Running"

2010 Lexus IS Full-line Commercial: "Scream"


Article by: Flipside909
Photos and links courtesy of Lexus USA