Lexus NX Will Debut in March at Geneva


It looks like the NX isn't the only new model coming out of Lexus. They first showed off the edgy concept a few months ago at the Frankfurt auto show. I know I found it attractive--especially when they mentioned the 2-liter turbo. More importantly, we now know it's actually a real car.

Lexus is building this thing. If Auto Express is right, it'll look every bit as futuristic as the concept was.

"What we're finding is that these days customers want to be more expressive, so a lot of the concept's inherent design will come out in the finished car," says Paul Van der Burg, Lexus' European Director. "...Why would you want something that looked like everything else in the segment? our customers have always wanted a combination of deign and technology, but design has definitely become more important." 

To his credit, this is the most dramatically styled Lexus I've seen yet. At least, the concept is. While the RC is new and gorgeous, it's a pretty classic design. The NX looks like it looks like it was plucked out of an anime. We'll see how much of that design makes it through to the real car in March at the Geneva auto show.

via [AutoExpress]

Thomas Van Hoesen (Tue, 10 Dec 2013 05:04:42 -0800): I hope they calm the edges somewhat. For the designers try washing and waxing a vehicle with so many nooks and crannies it sucks. Please lose the front fascia too. This could be a cool mini-suv but right now its over the top.