Lexus LFA 003 & 499 Meet For The First Time!

LFA 499 & 003 Part 1/2:

It's not often you see a Lexus LFA anywhere in the world and it's certainly not often you see two Lexus LFA's parked together and owned by the same person!
Just recently, Mr. Roy Mallady of Atlanta, GA, Mister "003" himself took delivery of his latest Lexus, LFA 499. Mr. Mallady sent us this exclusive raw footage of  Lexus history parked together.

LFA 499 & 003 Part 2/2

Mr. Mallady advised that there will be an upcoming photo shoot of LFA 003 & 499 together in the near future. For now enjoy this rare footage of 003 & 499 together!

Is it the beginning of the end or the beginning of a new Lexus chapter? Talk about the reunion of LFA 003 & 499 HERE!>>

Videos courtesy of Mr. Roy Mallady.