Thrice is Nice: Three New Videos Show the RC-F Will be a Track Monster!


I have to tip my hat at Lexus. In an age where turbocharging and hybridization of just about every known car is all the rage, Lexus tugged at my heart strings and kept with a naturally aspirated V8 for its upcoming RC F Coupe. 

That engine--as members on ClubLexus probably know--is a brand new 5.0L V8 which revs up to 8000rpm! Aren't high-strung V8s awesome? And since the RC F is a Lexus, you can be sure that the race-tested internals and cooling system will keep all eight pots happy for many, many miles and even deliver respectable MPGs, though I highly doubt anyone who buys a V8 coupe really cares about mileage too much. 

Heck, I've got a 4cyl--Scion FR-S--coupe and I know I could could care less. 

To add to the coupe's exclusivity--and taking a page out of Mercedes AMG's playbook--each engine is hand assembled by one single engineer. Hopefully they'll have sexier names than most of the AMG engineers, who all seem to be named Claus, or Hans, or Karsten. There's just nothing sexy about seeing "Karsten" on an engine. 

Sorry anyone named Karsten.

Anyway, other enhancements include a Torque Vectoring Differential, meaning that the diff will automatically change the ratio of power sent to either of the back wheels to enable better through the corners, which means more usable--and safer--power. It also means reduced lap times if you're so inclined. 

Three different driving modes--Road, Track and my personal favorite, Slalom--will allow for different levels of slip throughout the driving experience, and when you add that to the  multitude of Sport modes,, you've got the making of a wicked track toy or one of the best drifters on the planet, straight from the factory. 

In all honesty, the footage I've seen, the numbers I've read, and the styling make this car look epic. Enjoy.