Post Dirty Pics on the Forum and Get Free Stuff!

Most members on ClubLexus pride themselves in keeping their rides squeaky clean. And Gloss-It Gloss Enhanser Detail Spray is great to keep on hand for touch ups in between full details. 

Basically, all you have to do is post a picture of your car at it's dirtiest on the official contest thread. If you live in Hawaii, Alaska or anywhere outside the US, you should feel free to post, but even if you've filled the inside of your vehicle with potting soil and are using it as a greenhouse, we can't send you any detailing product. Because the mail, people. 

There are already some good entries over on the thread, and while he's not technically following the rules, we have to admit we've gotten a kick out of the texsexlex's post about his SC: "Mine was so dirty I had to paint it."  You have to admit, that's some pretty solid reasoning!