Even Through Creepy Google Glass, the Lexus LFA Sounds Glorious

Google Glass is creepy. Seriously, do we really need people to be more tuned out to their surroundings than they already are? Do we really need people surreptitiously recording every interaction to post on YouTube? Do we need to wonder if the girl we're having dinner with is watching reruns of the Bachelor? Nope. We don't. GoPro's are cheap now, and they don't require people to join the Borg. 

That said, I'll excuse this Glasshole. 
This video was shot last weekend at CarFest North, an annual festival held in the UK  to help better the lives of disabled children throughout the country. There were plenty of wicked rides on hand, including this symphonic LFA. Even with the terrible audio quality of GG, you can still hear the amazing noise the car's brilliant V10 develops. 

I know it's unlikely, but I really hope Toyota and Lexus don't let this engine die with the LFA--it needs to live on. And with the cost of R&D that went into it, can they really afford to not put it in something else? Maybe the Supra? Maybe throw one in a FR-S just for shits and giggles? Who knows, but they should. The world would be a better place.