Torque News: RC F Coupe Means the End of the Road for the IS F


Here's another one from the rumor mill: the release of the RC F means the IS F's days are numbered. The piece makes it clear it's all conjecture and not anything official, but the case made by John Goreham of  Torque News isn't some wild prediction.  

While he states--and the community here at ClubLexus proves--that the IS F has a loyal following, the most compelling point he makes is the reported low sales number for the sexy 416hp sports sedan. Check out this paragraph: 

Currently Lexus tells Torque News that the percentage of IS F models being sold as about 0.2%. Apply that to year to date sales for the IS line and the result is about 50 cars. Annualize that and the result is 100 cars. Not bad for a halo car, but Lexus will not need this car to serve that purpose when the RC F becomes available in the coming months. A dealer once told me that the unofficial nickname among Lexus salespeople is "In Stock Forever," a take-off on its initials.

Those numbers make the position of the IS F sound dire indeed. After all, low sales have killed many an enthusiast favorite. But what about the folks that want something that's a hoot to drive and has four doors. I don't think it's too far outside the range of possibility to think that maybe the RC F will draw in some buyers who will flirt with the sportier younger sibling, but commit to a four door out of practicality? But maybe I'm nuts.