Damn, Yo! Hellaflush Rides Declared Illegal in Quebec!


Ever wondered if a car that's hellaflush and stanced as hell is street legal? Because it's probably not. And the authorities up in Canada have decided to make that perfectly clear, and even used the hellaflush in their description of offending cars. Which, regardless of your stance on stance, is kind of funny. 

Since I've always been a fan of cars that turn and stop and can be driven into a parking lot without a gut wrenching scrape, the whole hellaflush scene has never appealed to me. 

That said, I used to work for CarDomain, back when it was a automotive social networking site that covered events, and not a neglected graveyard of poorly aspected car pictures. Back then, high-risers--donks, boxes, bubbles--were hot, and even though they were dangerously high and almost-always using brakes which probably couldn't stop a tranquilized kitten, I got a huge kick out of those crazy rides. They were just straight hilarious. 

So I'm not going to poke too much fun at this recent ruling. Because I'd really rather cops just make decisions regarding custom cars on a case-by-case basis, as most of the cops I've dealt with are pretty cool--as long as you aren't being a dick.