Two-Tone CT200h Sports "Pimp My Ride" Style


First off, I'd like to give credit where it's due.

As of late, Lexus' been kicking ass and taking names. They've had several successful debuts in quick succession (yes, I even like the NX) with a promising 2014 on the horizon. So for the sake of pure entertainment, let's take a quick look at a project that's taken an, uh, less than inspiring approach to one of their models.

Here we have a custom one-off Lexus CT200h, courtesy of the Japanese luxury automaker's Fukuoka plant. Debuting at the recent 2014 Fukuoka Motor Show, the silver-black two tone hatch is decked out with enough loud exterior trimmings to put it back a couple decades on the auto-couture timeline. Squint really hard, and you might just see some skunk-like inspirations.

The spec sheet boasts a list of "traditional handicrafts" for the interior including local fabrics, ceramics, tortoiseshell and mat rush, and harkens back to seasons 1-4 of Pimp My Ride with Ish the fabric maven's hilariously genuine explanations on how he's going to "throw some luxurious ostrict leather into this here 1991 Corolla".

Not sure if that ever happened, but it's possible our boy Ishmael was part of the consulting team for this project.