2014 CT200h Priced Same As Outgoing Model

2014LexusCT200h (1).jpgRejoice! If you held off buying a new CT200h until this year, your patience has payed off, sort of. You'll be glad to know what the 2014 model will cost the same as the 2013 model, which is nice, because Lexus has made a host of changes for the new year.

The big change is the trademark Lexus predat...err, I mean waterfall grill that they've installed across their lineup. It makes the front end of the car much more interesting. Whether or not "interesting" is a good thing is really up to your discretion. I dig it. The ct could stand some jazzing up.

Lexus has also fitted the front end with new LED running lights and fog light surrounds. Other little exterior touch ups include a larger rear spoiler, and a new rear bumper.

I've always thought the Ct200h was a good looking hatchback. These mods make it a little bit more agressive and handsome in my eyes. Now only if it had the bite to back it up... 

2014LexusCT200h (4).jpg
2014LexusCT200h (2).jpg
via [Carscoops]